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LG GD580 Lollipop – As Sweet as a Lollipop

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LG GD580 Lollipop – As Sweet as a Lollipop - The LG GD580 Lollipop is going to obligate you to go for this one. Its awesome presentment and stupendous just perfect abilities have been given to serve you at its best. So without any worry you can opt this.

LG GD580 Lollipop – As Sweet as a Lollipop

The latest LG GD580 Lollipop is a perfect female tool. It is available in black, blue and pink colored casing and will attract teenage girls for sure. This 3G capable flip gadget is the best thing a fashion conscious teenager can opt for.

The LG GD580 Lollipop’s black, blue or red colored apparel is a flip opening casing of 103.5 grams with its fitted battery while it measures 10.83cm high by 5.15cm wide by 1.34cm deep. The display reveals when one will flip it to open and you will see a 2.8 inches TFT screen showing 262K colors at 240 x 400 pixels resolution. That’s not all, to allure you more, the company has given an external hidden OLED display that will be found at the front flip closed position.

The LG GD580 Lollipop has been devised with a 3.1 mega pixel camera that comes with Digital Zoom feature and there is a camera key attached at its body. The phone is also compiled with a secondary camera. Enjoying 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution images as well as awesome videos will be more than fun. The company has made it powerful enough to support MPEG4, H263, H264 & WMV video files along with MP3, WAV, AAC+ & WMA music files through its attached video player and music player.

LG GD580 Lollipop only looks small but when it comes to abilities, it is rendering a lot of advanced facilities. Likewise the company has empowered it for data sharing and connectivity and for this purpose, you will get 3G HSDPA, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USBComputer Technology Articles, EDGE and GPRS technologies. The phone will take to you to your desired web location through its built-in WAP 2.0/xHTML and HTML web browsers. Yours are facilitated to enjoy popular messaging services like text and multimedia on it while you can also enjoy emailing through it.

The standard Li-Ion 800 mAh battery of LG GD580 Lollipop can ensure 250 hours of standby time while it can also provide 3 hours of talk time. Built-in 60MB internal memory can be stretched as long as 8GB through its MicroSD card slot.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

iPhone Camera Tricks to Get Best Photo shots!

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Gadgets; iPhone , Android, etc; have their own secret keys to be explored by the users. Those keys sure are helpful but kind of troublesome isn’t it? We should click here and there but it worth the wait! Are you curious?
iPhone Camera Tricks to Get Best Photo shots!

Here are some tricks on your iPhone camera to make your photography amazing!
  • Use the volume button when the built-in camera application opened. The volume button can act as the hard-camera-button. It is really helpful so when you hit the on-screen camera button, you won’t accidentally hit home button.
  • You can actually take multiple shots as Android or DSLR without any other setting. Just hold the on-screen camera button! Especially when we want to get perfect shots. Pick your favorite shots after. Convenient, isn’t it?
  • Opening gallery in iPhones come in handy. Just easily swipe left when you’re in camera application. It will show you the latest photo first.
  • The best feature for me: AE/EF Lock feature! It is Focus & Exposure Lock. It is truly helpful especially for professional photographer. This feature needs to be activated manually, but it is still simple. Just simply toggle the camera application screen and hold for several seconds and voila. To get back to normal feature, just simply click the camera application screen once you finish with the feature.
iPhone seems to be more “secretive” in showing its feature. Well, maybe they’re trying to hide their “main-selling-value” from their competitors (Android, Firefox, etc.). Or maybe they want their users to be smart by exploring their gadgets. These kinds of secret keys might increase iPhone selling-value.

Well, that’s all camera tricks on iPhone to get best photo shots. Are there other simple tricks on iPhone camera to get best photo shots? What kind of application? Please share some J

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

6 Hidden function that you can found on IPhone Messanging

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Messaging Functions to Make Messaging Less-Troublesome
6 Hidden function that you can found on IPhone Messanging

Nowadays phones keyboards are QWERTY-type and smarter than old phones. QWERTY-type is like your PC-type keyboard. You might think it must be more troublesome than using numeral keyboard. But, trust me, it is funnier and faster to use QWERTY-type keyboard. To make it funnier and faster, there are things you should know and do. Which are:

  1. iPhone has an undo feature which can be used to fix your message, email, notes, and any other kind of texting. What you should do is just by shaking your iPhone and the undo option will pop. Click on it and voila! 
  2. Handy feature of iPhone is that you don’t have to be troublesome to click to change the keyboard from alphabet mode to symbol mode just to find full-stop to end your sentence. Just simply double-taps the space bar. It will automatically end your sentence with a full-stop at the end.
  3. Do you find it troublesome when you want to make abbreviation in uppercase letters because you need to tap on Caps Lock Button? Well, you can just tap rapidly on the Caps Lock Button to make it permanent. Once finished, tap once on Caps Lock Button.
  4. This tips is for iPad users, since it is a very broad gadget, it is quite difficult to type texts using your thumb. You need to activate the Thumb Mode. How? Swipe your two thumbs across your on screen keyboard. Isn’t it funnier to type using QWERTY type keyboard? Beside, here are smart tips to make your gadget smarter and come in handy!
  5. Sometime when we are in the meeting, our iPhone vibrates and sometimes causes noises. It is really inconvenient. So, leave that kind of notification! Do this: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility, then find “LED Flash for Alerts”, activate it! When you have notification, your LED flash will flicker.
  6. Want to make fun of your phone? Make your iPhone read “stupid” text aloud. Go to Setting, find General, click Accessibility. Find Speak Selection function, and activate it. Go somewhere in your iPhone which contain “stupid” texts. Highlight the text you want it to be read out loud…and ready to laugh!
Simple isn’t it?

5 Simple Tricks for Iphone Users to Knowing

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Useful Thing in Your iPhone You Should Know
5 Simple Tricks for Iphone Users to Knowing

Having a gadget is the best thing in life, especially when we have iPhone. You’ve already know how iPhone is truly flawless. Its user interface, applications, and built-in thingies sure makes you addicted not to leave your gadget just for a second. But, do you know by not leaving your gadget even just for a while may cause it to break down? 
So, to avoid that, do this simple hack on your iPhone!
  1. Turning on your data plan, Wi-Fi, portable hotspot, music at once while charging may really cause your iPhone to break down. You should turn those off because those actions might reduce the radiation and it will really make your charging faster. Or simply turn your Airplane mode on. But the risk is that you can’t receive text messages.
  2. While relaxing by listening to the music on your iPhone, we might accidentally fall asleep. Sure it will reduce a lot of your battery percentage. To avoid that, iPhone has a useful feature. Open the build in clock application, click on the timer button and set the time when you want the media to stop. Click When Timer Ends and choose Stop Playing. By doing this way, you will have long-lasting iPhone. 
  3. Unlike Android, when the phone’s hard-key break down, we can’t do anything. But if we prepare ourselves by owning Assistive touch (download at Playstore), we’re saved. Fortunately, iPhone is such a smart gadget. To prevent the users that can’t access their gadget, they’ve prepare built-in Assistive touch. Activate this feature by enabling Accessibility Setting. You’ll get your Assistive touch soon.
  4. Some child (age 10 and under mainly) sometimes don’t really know how to operate gadgets. When you borrow them, you really need to guide them so that they won’t open something that shouldn’t be or delete you important personal data. But what if you don’t have time? Simply turn the Accessibility Feature. Click Setting, click General, click Accessibility, and turn Guided Access on. It will really save your life. 
  5. Your phone will charge much faster if you turn on "Airplane Mode" while charging.
Simple and easy isn’t it? How do you prevent your iPhone from breaking down?

Monday, July 27, 2015

5 Best Karaoke Applications to use on your Smart Phone

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Go Grab These Karaoke Apps for Your Smart Phone!

5 Best Karaoke Applications to use on your Smart Phone

Do you like singing? And you want to know how good your voice is? Well, leave that troublesome karaoke, or bathroom singing! We live in a modern world. You just need one gadget (and some money though) to do what couldn’t be done in the past. Sing happily and simply choose your favorite song to be sung. To do so, grab these cool applications!

StarMakerFor me, this one was the best karaoke application. But now I find it quite upsetting. In 2014, it provides sing along the original singer. But now, it only provides sing along with guys who cover. The lovable thing from StarMaker for me is its interface and its auto and magic tune. StarMaker also provide group singing using front camera. And don’t forget about its feature: each time singing, we get paid some coin so we can buy non-VIP songs.

Sing!Karaoke by Smule - I won’t recommend this karaoke application for low-end devices. It takes most memory and makes your device slow. So, it is better be played on high-end devices. The main attraction of this application is that you can sing duet with random people in worldwide by doing some kind of invitation over the application’s built-in social media!

YokeeFor low end devices, you’d better get this application. It is simple and won’t take too much memory because it is integrated with YouTube. Firstly, you will get some coins so you can buy a song. But it is quite difficult to earn more coins by singing a song. You need to wait until tomorrow and claim your everyday login reward

MusixmatchBasically it is a music player application, but it has a karaoke feature. Musixmatch is an application that provides lyrics to your music archives. To enable this feature so that you can do karaoke, you need to prepare your music archives in .mp3 extension because the karaoke can only be done in MP3 extension.

Those applications are downloadable in application market for free. How about your favorite karaoke application?

Knowing more about SIRI an IPhone helpful assistant

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Basically Helpful iPhone Assistant, Siri

Knowing more about SIRI an IPhone helpful assistant

Nowadays gadgets are implanted with assistant, whether it is build in or should be downloaded from store. The most popular gadget assistant in iPhone is named Siri. It is available only in iPhone S versions above the third generation.
Why do we need this assistant? Well, Siri is actually really helpful and somehow funny. Siri is voice recognition application you can talk to , ask and teach. Mostly, Siri can only detect in English. But it doesn’t matter, does it? It is worth a while having Siri. Here are what Siri can do for you:

  1. Quickly set up important things - Too lazy to click/tap/swipe you thumb across your iPhone to make a reminder in your calendar? Or maybe too busy driving? Good thing that we have Siri and maybe wireless headset. Just ask Siri to manage it for you. Open Siri application, simply ask “wake me up 2 more hours” or “call mom”
  2.  Find data faster, just ask Siri! - It is really stressful how you want to open specific really old messages but it takes you like an hour! Or you need to find your presentation which was sent by your friend to your inbox with a pile of email? As I said before, Siri can really help you. You can find it faster so that you won’t be so stressful just to find your things.
  3. Delay what you made (Alarms, etc.) - Just do what you did when you want to make alarms or reminder. Ask Siri to delay your appointment in several hours or so. Siri make life easy.
  4. Talk to Siri like a friend
We can consider Siri as a human. You can talk to her like it’s your human friend. You can ask anything to Siri, asking if it has pet, joking, or even flirting Siri! But get ready to be turn down since Siri will not date a human.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Asus X002 New Cheap Quad-Core Smartphone, 5 Inch Display

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AndroidRookies News - Asus achieve great success with their ZenFone generation smartphones. Recently, Asus caught ready to produce a smartphone with high specification but with cheap price for sold.
Asus X002 New Cheap Quad-Core Smartphone, 5 Inch Display
Asus X002 New Cheap Quad-Core Smartphone, 5 Inch Display
TENAA and GFXBench have confirmed the existence of the Asus X002, the new Asus smartphone which is considered as the successor of cheap smartphones ZenFone. One indication is the presence of  MediaTek Quadcore processor 64-bit architecture (MT6732) that pinned on it.

It has been long known, Smartphones that used MediaTek processor mostly sold with bargain price, different with Qualcomm processor.

From these two sources, Asus X002 will have quite bigger screen which is 5-inch. However, the resolution is only 720 pixels only or still at the level of most of the low-cost smartphone. While the graphics card used is a GPU Mali-T760.

According GFXBench, 2 GB RAM capacity will be provided by Asus in the latest smartphone. On the other hand, TENAA stated when Asus X002 will come with 1 GB of RAM. This indicates the possibility Asus X002 released in two variants for different markets.

Unfortunately, the smartphone that runs the OS KitKat it only carries a single-SIM feature. To cover the shortfall, the Asus X002 has LTE technology that enables download speeds up to 150 Mbps, GSM Arena (03/12).

Asus is also quite generous with presenting a powerful 5 megapixel front camera and 8 MP rear camera. Later, there will be a lot of photos that can be stored in the Asus X002, since the smartphone is equipped with an internal memory of 8 GB which can still be expanded with a microSD card.

Today, Asus X002 still rumored to be sold in China.
Asus X002 New Cheap Quad-Core Smartphone, 5 Inch Display
Asus X002 New Cheap Quad-Core Smartphone, 5 Inch Display

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